Preparing an Application

The instructions to applicants, referee report form and related information is available from:

Applicants are required to follow a two stage process:

1. Submit the following documents electronically in a single file to the Head of the proposed host Department or School (see separate list of contacts at above website) no later than 6 August 2010:

· Project Title and 100 word summary which should use precise and informative language that can be understood by the general public. Avoid terminology that is unique to your discipline;

· Name and confirmed written agreement from the proposed mentor (email is fine);

· Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae. The Curriculum Vitae should be no more than 5 pages – additional pages will not be considered.

The Head of Department or School will inform applicants by 20 August 2010 whether they will be competitive and supported this round. Only those applicants endorsed by the Head of the host Department or School should proceed to a full application.

2. If you have been endorsed by the Head of the host Department or School, please visit and search by the reference number 1921/0610. Proceed to complete a full application online including the following attachments. Attachments should be clearly typed on single sided A4 pages, using 12 point font size with at least a 2 cm margin on each side:

· Curriculum Vitae including publications and details of academic record at undergraduate and postgraduate level including Honours level, place in year, prizes and awards. The Curriculum Vitae should be no more than 5 pages – additional pages will not be considered;

· Copies of transcripts;

· Proof of a PhD award;

· The proposed research project including project title, aims and significance, research plan, methods and techniques, alignment of the proposed research with existing activity and the environment in the host School/Department. This section should be no more than 4 pages including bibliographic references which MUST NOT exceed half a page. Aim for at least half a page for the alignment and research environment section. In the methodology section it is essential to clearly detail what you are going to do and why/how this will achieve the aims of the project and advance the knowledge base of the discipline. Additional pages will not be considered by the Selection Committee;

· Formal approvals and signatures form. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain signatures prior to the closing date from the Head of the proposed host Department or School AND the proposed mentor. The signature from the Head confirms their agreement to provide 20% of the Fellowship salary. Unsigned applications received by the Research Office will not be considered. Note that applicants with a PhD from USyd must not have their PhD supervisor as the Fellowship mentor;

· Up to two confidential referee reports must be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 10 September 2010. Referees should be selected on the basis of their capacity to constructively comment on the intellectual calibre and quality of the applicant and their work, track record relative to opportunity, and the potential of the applicant to be internationally competitive for subsequent fellowship applications (ie. within the top 10-15% of their field). A nominated mentor cannot be a referee. Each report must be completed using the template available from the website above and should address the selection criteria. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that referee reports are submitted by the due date. Late reports will not be considered. A template report form is available from the website specified above. NOTE: if more than two referee reports are received for an applicant the first two received will be used and all others discarded.

For further information please contact Ms Jane Zhang in the Research Office: 61 2 8627 8103 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Conditions of Award

The Fellowship is awarded under the following conditions:

1. Applicants must have a PhD award dated no earlier than 1 January 2005;

2. Applicants with a PhD awarded by the University of Sydney within the timeframe specified in condition 1 may apply if they have held a position with another organisation subsequent to the award of their PhD.

3. Applicants currently employed at the University of Sydney or other affiliated institutions (including but not limited to medical institutes) who commenced such employment after the award of their PhD AND on or after 1 July 2009 are eligible to apply;

4. Fellows must become fulltime employees of the University of Sydney and must not hold a concurrent paid appointment (eg. clinical appointment in a hospital). The University will not provide funding to affiliated institutions to appoint Fellows;

5. The duration of the Fellowship shall be for a maximum period of three years;

6. Appointments must commence within six months of a formal letter of offer, unless the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) approves otherwise;

7. A salary (taxable) will be provided at Level A8 of the University’s Academic salary scale;

8. A research support grant totalling $25,000 will be provided upon commencement of appointment to assist Fellows establish their research in the host Department/School. The Head of Department/School must approve expenditure of this grant;

9. Fellows are expected to focus on research full time for the duration of the Fellowship. Fellows may be required to undertake other duties for up to 6 hours per week (eg: teaching duties, committee representation);

10. A minimum cost airfare direct to Sydney, and return to point of departure on expiry of the Fellowship, will be provided. Fares for dependants, visa charges and removal expenses, will not be provided. Claims for travel expenses will normally be paid on production of an invoice or a receipt from a travel agency;

11. The work performance of Fellows will be reviewed annually in accordance with the University’s Performance Management and Development Program. Fellows are also required to provide an annual report of their research work, and details of their intended program for the following year. This should be forwarded to the Research Office and be accompanied by an evaluative commentary by the Head of School/Department. A final report covering all aspects of the work undertaken (including grants awarded, grants applied for and their status, details of student supervision or co-supervision, conference presentations and publications) and details of any new knowledge gained in the field of study must also be forwarded to the Research Office at the completion of the Fellowship. This should be accompanied by an evaluative commentary by the Head of School/Department;

12. Fellows shall be entitled to recreational, sickness and maternity leave in accordance with the University’s general policy for all staff. All recreational leave must be taken within the period of the appointment. Requests to suspend or vary the hours of an award for any other reason must be submitted to the Research Office and approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research);

13. Successful applicants awarded a fellowship or equivalent from another source must relinquish their University of Sydney post-doctoral research fellowship within 2 months of notification of the other award;

14. Any Fellow considered not to be making satisfactory progress will have the Fellowship reviewed by a committee appointed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) which, at its absolute discretion, may terminate the Fellowship; and

15. The University asserts certain ownership rights of intellectual property created in the course of the fellowship subject to the University’s Intellectual Property Rule: